Vintage Tex Shoemaker NJ Hanger Lined Police Duty Holster For P7M8 P7M13

Tex Shoemaker beautiful black leather NJ 63 P7M8 Holster. Holster which is leather lined fits a HK P7M8 and is right hand draw. Holster will also fit the HK P7M13 . Holster has 2 solid brass D rings for a Sam Browne strap. D rings and hardware are all Brass. Loop fits a standard 2 1/4" duty belt. Holster is NEW OLD STOCK .This design was continued after making them for the NJ State Police in the 1980's.This holster is incredibly well made and will without a doubt last a full career. I have these in quantity in both right and left draw.

* Enclosed trigger guard for safety.
* Smooth top grain leather lining remains relatively free of dirt and grit and is easy to wipe clean.
* Reinforced Shank assess strength and durability.
* Wrap around design helps prevent weapon tear away.
* The open muzzle provides for easy drainage,helps keep weapon clean.
* Shoemaker select top grain cowhide is scientifically factory dyed for long lasting good looks.