Vintage Tex Shoemaker 45HA Lined Basket Leather Holster For Colt 45 1911 5"

Vintage new old stock Tex Shoemaker HA 45, Hanger Holster. This was one of two which have a change in the retention strap from the original design. This retention strap offers more protection and covers more surface area compared to the regular design. This version had not made it to production.
 Holster is for a Colt 45 1911 Government Model 5". This will carry Condition One meaning hammer back with Safe On. Interior of holster is smooth leather lined. Retention strap it steel reinforced. This is a very secure and well made holster which will last a career.We only have 2 in stock.

Model HA Hanger Holster
* Rides easily and comfortably with sight forward cant.
* Leather covered spring steel hanger for durable rigidity is sewn and riveted.
* Easy to wipe clean, the smooth top grain leather lining helps keep weapon free of grit, facilitates easy draw.
* Jacket slot accommodates your jackets waistband and gives you increased pistol grip access.
* Wrap-around design resists wear and tear.
* Covered trigger guard.

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