Vintage Desantis Brown Leather Shoulder Rig For S&W Spurless J Frame / Model 640

This is early 1990's vintage and DISCONTINUED New Old Stock. This was from a dealer who supplied holsters and equipment to New York City patrol Officers and Detectives. All holsters purchased from this dealer were for pistols carried by NYPD officers during the early 1990's. 
 From late 1980's to the early 90's Smith & Wesson and Ruger both made revolvers to the N.Y.P.D.'S requirements. S&W contracted with NYPD with their Model M60 NY-1 J Frame and M64 NY-1 K frame both spurless revolvers. Ruger produced the SPNY based on the SP101 and GPNY based on the GP100 also both spurless.

This brown leather Desantis Slant Shoulder Rig was made in 1995 and is NEW in original packaging. This is for the Smith & Wesson J frame 640 Centennial, M60 NY-1,  or similar spurless J frame revolver. 
pouch holds 12 rounds of .38 ammo. Leather harness  is adjustable. Holster is vintage, New and impossible to find in this condition and for the above revolvers..

The Slant-Shoulder Rig was the forerunner to the Desantis popular Triple Agent System. This shoulder holster is crafted from top grain cowhide and is molded to fit the exact weapon it is designed to carry. The Slant Shoulder Rig allows for easy draw of the weapon, enabling the wearer to bring their weapon on target with one fluid motion. This exceptionally, comfortable rig is supplied with a single ammo pouch. Holster can be removed from the harness and worn IWB or OWB on a belt up to 1 1/2".

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