Vintage Chic Gaylord C-1 8-Ball Pocket Holster For S&W Chiefs Special Model 36 2"


Beautiful, excellent condition Chick Gaylord C-1 8-Ball Side Pocket Holster. This is for a Smith & Wesson Model 36 Chiefs Special 2". Holster was made as a back up holster to be worn in left trouser pocket. Leather, stitching and hardware in excellent condition..

This side-pocket holster for small guns has become a favorite of detectives, bankers, jewelers, shopkeepers and persons wishing to carry a concealed weapon in hot weather, or who desire to be unobtrusively armed while in short sleeves. The 8-Ball protects both the gun and trouser pocket. The gun can be drawn with amazing speed while the 8-Ball remains in the side pocket. Many police officers who desire the added insurance of "toting" an extra gun, slip their small off-duty weapon into a left handed 8-Ball in the side pocket of their uniform trousers for emergencies..