Vintage Bianchi Single Magazine Holder Shoulder Holster Component 45 1911 M39 59

Vintage Bianchi New Old Dealer Stock, dark brown leather single magazine shoulder holster component with spring clip. Holder fits most single stack magazines and some double stack. Very difficult to find this new old stock in original packaging. Packaging states it will fit the following:
Colt Govt. 9mm, .38 and 45 Auto
Colt MK IV Series 70 .45 Auto
Colt Commander 9mm .38/.45 Auto
S&W M39 9mm Auto
S&W M59 9mm Auto
Browning Hi Power 9mm Auto

Model #242
These light weight accessories fasten quickly to any shoulder holster. They may be mounted individually or as a cuff case/ammunition holder combination, securing to the belt with a clip. Either way they provide a perfect counterbalance for your gun.