Vintage Alfonso's H15 Brown Leather Suede Lined Holster for .22 .25 Small Auto Colt Beretta

Vintage New Old Stock Alfonso's Holster & Gun Shop No. Hollywood Calif. Holster is their H15 for small automatic. Holster fits Colt 1908, Beretta 950 and similar .22 and .25 autos. Holster measures 4 1/4" down the front edge and 2 1/4" across the opening at the trigger guard. Holster is made of brown leather, white stitched and suede lined. Retention strap can be removed and pistol sits deep enough to not have trigger exposed which are both nice features. Loop fits a belt up to 1 3/4". Holster also fits nicely in a coat or trouser pocket. Holster is new old stock with storage wear. Very well made and high quality holster from an iconic holster company.