Tex Shoemaker Cordovan Basketweave Front Break Holster 459 439 539 559 639 659

Vintage New Old Stock Tex Shoemaker Quick Front holster. Holster is cordovan brown basketweave leather and smooth leather lined. This fits a S&W 439, 459, 539, 559, 639 and 659 is right draw. Very solid robust holster. New Old stock impossible to find for these models or in cordovan..

No. 75 Quickfront
* Shoemakers ORIGINAL the No. 75 Quick Front has set the industry standard since first patented in 1981.
* Recently modified, it can now accommodate after market grips as well as large and small factory grips.
Other recent improvements make it possible to use either a forward draw or rocking draw.
* As safe and functional as over 50 years of experience can make it.

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