Tex Shoemaker Brown Paramedic Accessory Kit First Aid Medic EMS EMT Responder

New Old Stock Tex Shoemaker Brown leather No. 98s Paramedic Accessory Kit. These were made for California emergency services in the 1970's onward. They are new and in excellent condition. This kit has a rectangular storage area for a knife, multitool or similar item and two vertical storage slots measuring 1 1/2" across the top. It also has a vertical cylindrical compartment 5/8" in diameter. Kits has nickel snaps but some are available with Brass. If you want to see if brass is available please message me after your purchase. This is the last of Tex Shoemakers new old stock. I have the following styles available:
1. Plain brown w/ spring clip for belt up to 2 1/4" or can be clipped to your trousers
2. Plain brown w/ loop for belt up to 1 3/4". Carrier has light storage wear..
3. Basketweave w/ loop for belt up to 1 3/4"
4. Basketweave w/loop up to 2 1/4"
5. Basketweave with paddle..

Basketweave w/ paddle and loop for belt up to 2"

Kits are new old stock and natural brown shows light storage wear..