Tex Shoemaker Black Leather Swivel Holster for XDM w/ X300 Streamlight

Vintage Tex Shoemaker WUS Forward Swivel Holster for XDM with Surefire X300 Light. Holster is black basketweave leather and has a 3" drop. Swivel forward design only allows the holster to be worn low on the thigh and and turned forward while sitting. Also allows your weapon to move with you and then back into a straight position. Enclosed trigger guard for weapon safety.  Smooth top grain leather lining remains relatively free of dirt and grit and is easy to wipe clean. Reinforced shank assures strength and durability. The open muzzle provides for easy drainage, helps keep the weapon clean. Holster comes with double thumb break .  There is not another holster company that can match this holster in quality or looks.

 Holster is New Old Stock and is the last from Tex Shoemaker.