Tex Shoemaker Black Cherry Brown Clarino Gloss Leather Duty Holster For Glock 21

Beautiful New Old Stock Tex Shoemaker Hanger duty holster. Holster is brown Clarino leather referred to as Black Cherry by Tex Shoemaker. Holster fits a Glock 21 and is right draw. Holster fits a standard 2 1/4" duty belt and is smooth leather lined. Holster looks beautiful unfortunately Clarino is difficult to photograph its color. Extremely well made holster and the last one from Tex Shoemaker..

Model HA Hanger Holster
* Rides easily and comfortably with sight forward cant.
* Leather covered spring steel hanger for durable rigidity is sewn and riveted.
* Easy to wipe clean,the smooth top grain leather lining helps keep weapon free of grit, facilitates easy draw.
* Jacket slot accommodates your jackets waistband and gives you increased pistol grip access.
* Wrap-around design resists wear and tear.
* Covered trigger guard..