Original WW2 1942 / 1943 Jungle First Aid Survival Kit Prototype? Experimental?

I believe this to be a jungle aviation survival kit. The owner believed this to be a prototype. I am no expert in military gear so please do your research. I have found my customers to be the true experts. I will describe the contents to the best of my ability.
Exterior is printed with  

Printed on Exterior:

Contained within :
Box Small First Aid Dressing Allen Laboratories dated Sept 18 1942 Sealed
2 Gauze Pads George Johnsens Supply Corp Sealed
2 Blue Cross  Adhesive Bandages Sealed
1 Bandage Gauze Compressed Camouflaged dated June 29 1943 Marsales Co. Sealed
1 Glass dropper
1 Jar Tincture Iodine Sealed
1 Rectangular pencil
1 Petrolatum USP This has a small puncture in the rear of tube
1 HALCO Ammonia Ampoule sealed

Please look at the photos and ask any questions you have. Listings may have other items in photo such as ammo, pistols, magazines, catalogs,cartridges, Belts, cuffs or any other item not directly mentioned and described is used as a photo prop are not included with your purchase. But if you are unsure please ask before purchase.

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