KRAMER Black Leather IWB Holster #2 for Colt Officers .45 1911 Model LEFT

KRAMER black leather IWB holster #2. Holster is for a Colt Officers Model .45 1911, LEFT draw. Leather, stitching and hardware all in very nice condition. Kramer lead time is 14 weeks. We will ship this holster the next business day..

Carries the weapon on strong side at an FBI tilt, inside the waistband of the pants for maximum concealment. The mouth of this holster is reinforced with a specially treated throat band of horsehide, and WILL NOT COLLAPSE when the gun is drawn. For a professional, it is imperative that a holster allow easy one-handed reholstering. Belt loops on the IWB #2 are affixed with screws instead of the traditional "one-way snap" method. This arrangement offers several advantages. The holster can be adjusted to fit 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" belt widths, simply by loosening the screws and moving the belt loops to the appropriate holes. Because the screws protrude out from the holster far less than the bulky, bulbous snaps, the belt loops snug down tight and flat to your belt, minimizing "printing" of the holster through a concealing garment. Finally, snaps often wear out and break with age (anyone who's ever had this happen can attest to the fact that it will probably happen at the very worst possible moment). If the female "cap" of the snap breaks, the holster can be repaired, but if the male stud buried inside the holster body shears off, the holster cannot be repaired. If you must have snaps, this holster can be custom ordered with snaps for an additional $20.00. We're confident you'll find that this holster will outlast and outperform ANY other IWB-style holster.

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