Custom TAURIS Plain Black Leather Lined Standard Hip Holster For Walther P38

Mike Taurisano from Tauris holster was kind enough to make time to work on a project with us to bring back some beautiful custom holsters for the Walther P38. This holster is a Standard Hip holster with cowhide lining and retention strap. Holster is black leather, black stitched with nickel hardware. The backside of the hardware on the interior of the holster is covered with the leather lining as not to scratch your pistol. Belt channel will fit a belt up to 1 1/2". Just a beautifully made holster which cannot be found these days fro that old bring back in your safe..

Mike Taurisano retired Deputy Chief of 35 years from Utica N.Y. Police is the owner of Tauris Holsters. Mike has been making and designing custom holsters for over 55 years in his shop located in Hartford N.Y. Tauris holsters have been recognized with write-ups in the following publications over the years:
10 in American Handgunner 
20 in Combat Handguns
3 in guns and ammo

Designed and completely handcrafted by Mike to ensure the most efficient, compact, and durable holsters possible. His customer list includes sportsman, officers, government 3 letter agencies along with special operations and military. Tauris holsters are not a production line product. Mike makes each order individually, giving personal attention to every detail of their manufacture. Only the finest materials and production techniques are used, allowing Mike to offer an unconditional guarantee. Mike is a passionate craftsman and we are very pleased to offer his product at Vintage Gun Leather Today.

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