Beautiful Vintage Alfonso's 7mm Leather Rifle Cartridge Belt Case Ammo Wallet

Beautiful Vintage New Old Stock, Alfonso's Holster & Gun Shop No. Hollywood Calif. Z-66 Rifle Cartridge Wallet. I was lucky enough to come across the last of these in assorted calibers. This listing is for the 7mm Cartridge Wallet. Actually a case which fits a belt up to 2 3/4". I personally think that this is so nice I would keep it in a trouser our coat pocket. Top shelf construction as is everything that was made over the years by Alfonso's. This Cartridge wallet has 12 cartridge loops for 7mm cartridges. We have the following styles available:
1. Plain black leather, white stitched with nickel hardware (1)
2. Black hand border stamped, white stitched with nickel hardware (1)
3.  Dark cordovan brown with a decorative Floral Basket stamping (1)

Interior of all is natural brown with 12 cartridge loops for 7mm. Rear has a slot for a belt up to 2 3/4"