Andrews Magnificent Seven Western Cartridge Gun Belt .44 45 LC Size 43.5" 49.5"

Sam Andrews of Andrews leather constructed all the leather belts and holsters for the main characters in The Magnificent Seven. At time of listing we have 2 black leather western cartridge gun belts made for Denzel Washington's character, Chisolm. This belt has the following features requested by movie production. Belt is 2 1/2" wide with period correct smooth leather lining. Belt is border stamped with cartridge loops for .44 / .45 Long Colt. Cartridge loops run from end to end totaling 53 loops.There is not a break in the loops for a holster. It was intended to leave the loops where the holster would be to be left unloaded and flattened down for holster. Belt measures 43 1/2" to the first setting and         49 1/2" to the last setting. You should purchase a belt such as this 2" to 3" above your current trouser belt size due to it being worn over a belt.
The Prop Department had mistakenly requested a belt too large for Denzel Washington. Of the two belts we had available this was the one worn by Denzel. Two other belts were made by Andrews and shipped for use in the movie. This belt was not used in the movie but a exact replica of the belt worn by Denzel Washington's character, Chisolm. We have sold leather goods for over 10 years and I can say this is the finest gun belt we have had the privilege to offer. This belt was made for hard use and will last a lifetime. Belt will ship the next morning following purchase..

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