Alfonsos Of Hollywood Brown Leather Suede Lined Colt Mustang .380 Holster Right

New Old Stock Alfonso's Holster & Gun Shop No. Hollywood Calif H2 holster. This is for a Colt Mustang .380.  This will also fit the following autos:
  Beretta 3032
  AMT .380
  KAHR P380
  Ruger LCP
  Colt Mustang                                                                  

Holster is brown leather, white stitched and suede lined. Loop fits a belt up to 2" and hardware is nickel. Very difficult holster to find and impossible as new old stock from a Iconic company. We have only a small handful of these available..

Alfonso Pineda’s name is synonymous with quality workmanship and expert craftsmanship. For more than half a century, Alfonso’s leather products have won him a reputation world wide as the maker of the finest leather products in the world. His holsters are worn by famous western stars and world champion quick draw artists. His unique western holster designs and his rapid draw techniques have revolutionized the western movie industry in Hollywood. Knowledgeable law enforcement officers prefer his holsters and equipment over those of other manufacturers. Alfonso’s reputation which is founded on excellence, does not allow him to compromise on quality or workmanship. He is a perfectionist and indeed a true artist in leather.

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