Alfonsos Black Leather OWB Suede Lined Holster for 6" S&W K Frame Revolver

Vintage New Old Stock Alfonso's black Standard Thumb Break High Ride Holster. Holster fits a S&W K frame up to 6" and some L frames. Holster is right draw. This holster is suede lined and loop fits a belt up to 2". Reminds me of a higher quality Bianchi 5BHL Very solid well made holster. I have a similar listing with a loop without suede backing. This version carries a bit lower. Belt and Matching cartridge cases are NOT included. Alfonso's Cartridge cases are available for purchase. At this time I have the following styles available:

Black Basketweave Leather
Plain Black Leather. This has some very light scratches on front you can see best in last photo if you look very closely.

Alfonso's Model G77 Standard Thumb Break High-Ride. Holster is molded to the exact gun it will carry. Front edge is protected by exact form fitting. Thumb break portion is metal reinforced. Full suede lining.