AKER Flatsider XR12 Black Leather OWB Holster For Sig P220 P226 Right 220 226

New Old Stock Aker XR-12 Flatsider brown leather OWB holster for the sig Sauer P220 or P226. Aker no longer makes this holster for these two autos..

The Aker FlatSider XR12 Holster is their best-selling off-duty leather holster model for over 20 years. Numerous federal agencies and law enforcement departments around the world provide this holster to their academies.

Most pancake style holsters are molded in a generic way, with both sides of the holster equally spaced around the weapon. The FlatSider series is molded with a unique and proprietary process to bring out the distinctive nature of every weapon it fits. 100% of the holster pocket is formed away from the body, leaving a flat back to let your holstered weapon sit as close to your body as possible.

Every holster is gone over by hand with whale bone to ensure that every notch, lever, nook, and cranny of your weapon is defined in the leather. This not only looks sleek and professional, but adds an extra layer of tension when drawing, giving you a similar "click" feel to that of kydex holsters.

The 168 FlatSider XR12 off-duty holster is the first of its kind and decades later, there are no imitations. Even plastic molded holsters cannot achieve the detail and quality of our molding process. Plus, at either side of the holster are curved belt loops that accommodate belts up to 1.75" width, molded to make inserting your belt smooth and also keeping your holster secure on the belt and prevents wear-and-tear on your belt or sagging of the slots.

This leather holster has retention with the thumb break retention strap and an adjustable tension screw for you to adjust the residence of your draw. It even does double duty as a trigger guard stop. The holster is designed to fully cover the trigger, preventing any accidental discharge.

Every Aker Leather product has details that only the most discerning person can notice. On the outside of the leather holster, Aker added a row of stitching around the belt slots. And this is not just for looks since the extra stitching makes sure the leather does not stretch or sag with years of use. Inside the holster, there is a full-length molded sight channel to allow for standard and raised to move through the holster without snagging or ripping the leather along the way. The special dual-plain muzzle with a .25" cut-out is expertly designed to work with both standard and shortened barrels.

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