Tex Shoemaker Basketweave Leather 64 Holster For S&W L K Frame Medium Revolver 4


Vintage New Old Stock Tex Shoemaker Model 64 Security Holster. This will fit a Smith & Wesson L frame revolver such as a 586, 686 or similar up to 4" Holster is black basketweave leather with additional security snap. Hanger will fit a belt up to 2 1/4" and bottom of the holster is open..

 No. 64 Security Holster


* Security snap provides increased gun retention.
* Enclosed trigger guard.
* The wrap-around design gives additional strength where needed, helps prevent gun   tear away.
* Open muzzle helps keep your gun clean.
* Spring tension hanger with jacket slot gives you good weapon access.
* This holster provides maximum security for your weapon yet leaves it easy to draw.
* Double stitched welt.

This is the last of Tex Shoemakers New Old Stock..



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