Quality that Lasts

Quality that Lasts

December 30, 2019

Theres nothing wrong with a cheap holster. Lots of companies make a variety of products in leather, Kydex and other synthetics. But like so many things, they sure don’t make them like they used to. Until we are able to properly replicate the handmade quality of days gone by the only truly wonderful gun accessories are vintage. We love things of beauty and things that are beautiful to us always last.

We got into this business as enthusiasts. We found that none of the companies today were turning out the types of things we wanted to buy. When you really search out the good stuff you have to go through all the bad stuff too. Its an expensive and time consuming education to acquire.

We decided to go into business and pass on all that knowledge and quality to our customers. We love the good stuff and while we wish we could currently replicate these items, we are happy at least to be the largest purveyor of vintage gun leather in the world.

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