Vintage Tex Shoemaker Black Leather Lined Holster For HK P7M8 P7M13 LEFT

Vintage New Old Stock Tex Shoemaker PC Hugger black leather OWB holster. Holster fits a HK P7M8 or P7M13 and is LEFT draw. 
I have the following available:
Model PC Hugger
* This holster rides high and flat in a comfortable, concealed position with butt forward.
* Two layers of top grain leather for extraordinary long lasting good looks.
* Belt slots widely placed provide stability, hold your weapon close to the body.
* High ride design allows for forearm protection of weapon.

1. Black basketweave leather suede lined w/ loops for belt up to 2"
2. Brown basketweave w/ Loops for belt up to 2"

Tex shoemaker has closed after 81 years and this is the last of their new old stock..