Vintage Roys Brown Leather Pancake Holster For Ruger Redhawk 6 1/2" Revolver

Vintage Roy's Leather goods brown leather Pancake holster right draw. Holster fits a Ruger Redhawk up to 6 1/2". Slots fit a belt up to 2" and have 3 wearing positions. Leather, stitching and hardware all in good condition. Holster is pre owned...

The Pancake for long barreled pistols
 The pancake is specially designed for field use by hunters, back packers, ranchers, motorcyclists, bush pilots and other sportsman, who carry the powerful .44 magnums in 6 1/2" and longer barrels. Two extra belt slots provide for a cross draw armpit carry, like a shoulder holster, without the discomfort and nuisance of straps. This strapless under arm carry gives your large-frame, long barreled pistols all the protection, convenience and safe-carry of shoulder, but is much more comfortable; especially when carried on a separate heavy-duty gun belt. Other belt slots permit carrying in a regular or cross draw position(upright), regular-draw (forward tilt) and lower cross-draw position.