Vintage Roys Black Leather Strong or Cross Draw Holster For Colt Detective Chief

Vintage Roy's Original plain black leather pancake style holster. Holster fits a Colt Detectives Special or S&W Chiefs Special 2". Holster is right draw. Holster can be worn strong side with a straight up draw, fib tilt or cross draw. Slots will fit a belt up to 2". Leather, stitching and hardware all in very nice condition. Very comfortable and concealable holster..

(1980)Roy's Pancake Often Copied, Never Equalled!!
When introduced, the Pancake was a revolutionary change in holster design. Every holster manufacturer jumped on the bandwagon and tried to copy its flat, gun-high design. What can't be copied, however, is the unique, three-slot configuration that allows three different wearing positions. Upright, FBI forward tilt snd upright-cross draw. The Pancake is protected by patents; so, although others claim to offer all we can- they can't. We were first...we're still the best. Try the original Pancake, acclaimed throughout the world as the longest wearing, least fatiguing, best concealable holster made!