Vintage Bianchi Hurricane Black Basketweave Front Break K Frame Revolver Holster


Vintage Bianchi #350 Hurricane holster. This is black basketweave leather front break style holster. Holster is Left hand draw and hanger fits a belt up to  2 1/4". This will fit the following 4" revolvers:

Security Six

Smith & Wesson
Model 19, 586, 686 and similar K frame revolvers

Model 66, 80, 82, 668, 669


Bianchi 350 Hurricane

Our most popular revolver holster and the choice of many major P.D.'S across the country, the Hurricane is a unique concept in police uniform holsters. Its a blend between a conventional top draw and a full front opening design. The spring opening extends halfway down the holster front- the rest of which is closed. This front spring, the partially closed front, the trigger guard strap and thumb strap are four points that cooperate to help retain the revolver. It draws lightning quick with the release of the thumb snap and a forward and upward draw. Reholstering is a one-handed operation. The triple-riveted belt loop now features a new, butt-forward angle for more comfortable seating in vehicles. Bianchi's belt lock loop prevents the holster from sliding during the draw.
Covered trigger guard 
 Integral thumb snap 
 Jacket style belt loop 
 Open muzzle design 
 Semi front opening 
 Wet molded fit

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