Tex Shoemaker Single Magazine Carrier Natural Brown Steel Double Stack Magazine

Assorted Tex Shoemaker New Old stock Single Magazine carriers. Holders are new old stock and show light storage wear. Presently I have the following:
 1. Basketweave long flap w/ slot for up to 2 1/4" belt w/ Velcro hardware..
 2. Basketweave, black stitch, short flap, Nickel hardware slot for up to 2 1/4" belt..
 3. Basketweave, white stitch, short flap, Brass hardware slot for belt up to 2 1/4"..This has light storage wear..
 4. Basketweave, black stitch, hidden snap hardware slot for belt up to 2 /4". 
 5. Plain long flap w/ Nickel hardware, white stitch and slot for belt up to 2 1/4". This    has light storage wear..
 6. Plain medium flap white stitched w/ Nickel hardware with slot for up to 2 1/4" belt.
 7. Plain black stitched w/ hidden snap hardware with slot for belt up to 2 1/4"

 Holders fit a steel double stack magazines such as:
 S&W 4006, 5946, 4046, 6946, 59, 5906, 669, 6906, Sigma, Shield
 Browning Hi Power  
 Ruger P9TZ'S CZ'S
 Beretta 92 Series, 96 Series
 Sig 229, 226, 228
 HK USP Compact .40 / .357 Sig / 9mm
 And similar magazines

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