Tex Shoemaker Plain Black Leather Lined Duty Holster For Glock 17 22 31 1 3/4" Belt

New Old Stock Tex Shoemaker plain black leather Hanger Holster. Holster fits a Glock 17, 22, 31 and is right draw. Hanger fits a belt up to 1 3/4" and interior of holster is smooth leather lined. Very solid and well made holster. Uncommon to find this model for a 1 3/4" belt. Holster is new old stock with light storage wear..

After 81 years Tex Shoemaker has closed and this is the last of the New Old stock..

Model HA Hanger Holster
* Rides easily and comfortably with sight forward cant.
* Leather covered spring steel hanger for durable rigidity is sewn and riveted.
* Easy to wipe clean,the smooth top grain leather lining helps keep weapon free of grit, facilitates easy draw.
* Jacket slot accommodates your jackets waistband and gives you increased pistol grip access.
* Wrap-around design resists wear and tear.
* Covered trigger guard.