Tex Shoemaker Black Leather 35 Suede Lined Border Patrol Holster For N Frame Revolver

Vintage New Old Stock Tex Shoemaker 35 Border Patrol Style Holster. Holster fits a S&W N frame revolver up top 4" and is left hand draw. Holster is black leather, suede lined and hanger fits a belt up to 2 1/4" belt. 

After 81 years Tex Shoemaker has closed and this is the last of the new old stock..

35 Border Patrol Holster Features:
* Forward tilt Jordan Style for fanciers of this stylish ride
* The metal-reinforced shank holds your holster securely in position and is extremely   durable.
* Leather guard protects your rear sight.
* Leather plug sewn into bottom helps maintain your holsters shape.
* Double-stitched welt for extra strength where you need it most.