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Tactics for Criminal Patrol: Vehicle Stops, Drug Discovery and Officer Safety


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Tactics for Criminal Patrol, Vehicle Stops, Drug Discovery, & Officer Survival. Awesome book, urged my Sergeant with 15 years of highway experience to read it after I did. He claimed the book couldn't teach him anything. In his defense he had more drug and gun lockups than the rest of the department combined. I made him promise to read the first few pages which he agreed to humor me. He read it cover to cover and referred to this as the Bible. For a cop who made his bones on a major state highway in the North East with his credentials thats a huge endorsement. Lots of great information, and as a road cop I had to credit most if not all of my accomplishments to this book. 
A Officer in neighboring town also read this at my request. He had stopped two bank robbers who were prison escapees from Texas. He credited this book with its preachings of the passenger side approach and tactics with saving his life. He had interviewed them after the arrest. They stated they had planned to shoot him if he started to snoop but his passenger approach caught them off guard. The other tactical advice from the book kept him safe till back up arrived. The car contained 3 loaded handguns and bundles of currency still in the bank wrappers. Further invest revealed 1/2 pound of marijuana and the rest of the currency taken in the robbery back at their hotel room.

Book is in nice condition with light scuffs on cover and previous owners name on edge of pages. No hi lighting, creases or pen or pencil marks inside. Book looks new inside.
 Thanks and stay safe..