Sam Andrews Leather Golden Alligator Lined Saddle Style For Colt Commander


GORGEOUS Sam Andrews Golden American Alligator Saddle style. Holster is for the Colt Commander 4 1/4" and is right draw. This is suede lined with tension screw and slots for a belt up to 1 3/4"

Saddle Style Holsters
These holsters are so named due to their inspiration from making saddles. As a saddle is contoured to closely fit the withers of a horse, so I build these on a curve to closely fit the shape of a hip.

The outer holster leather is larger than the body side. This creates a perfect pocket for the weapon's shape without distorting when worn.

American alligator
Fully suede lined
All hardware covered or counter-sunk
Full length molded sight tracks
Thumbreak and Tension screw