S&W Blazer Black Leather Holster B21 42 Fits Detective, Agent, Cobra 2" Revolver


Beautiful Vintage Smith & Wesson Blazer 21 63, black leather OWB Outdoorsman Holster. Leather, stitching and hardware are all in nice condition. Holster has original S&W snap hardware. Lower strap has some surface cracks but is very strong. You can see this in photo 4. Very nice pre owned holster..

Holster fits the following per. 1974 Catalog:

 Agent 2"
 Cobra 2"
 Detective Special 2"

Smith & Wesson Model 21 Blazer (1974)
One of the most popular holsters ever designed. S&W's Model 21 Blazer handles all popular double action sporting revolvers and automatics with a 2" to 8 3/8" barrels. The Blazer has burnished and waxed edges, a trigger guard welt and snap-on loop for belts up to 3" wide.