Red Nichols Berns Martin Fighting Shell Horsehide Holster for SA Revolver 4 3/4


Red Nichols / Berns Martin Fighting shell for a Colt 4 3/4" SA revolver and belt up to 2 1/4". This holster has Red's cutout for the revolver cylinder to keep the pistol closer and more concealable. Red is no longer making these when they are gone that will be it..

Horsehide Referred to as the Kydex of leather' because it is thin yet rigid.  Horsehide natural, breathable material and is made rigid using a low heat. horsehide is a very dense leather with a smooth finish you see here. Holster is hand detail molded  with a recess for cylinder..

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* Rarely does a firearm or firearms related product catch my attention. After 25+ years in law enforcement, and 9 years of consulting, I find myself cringing when I hear the words "I want you to test this." Unless something catches my attention, I respectfully decline. This holster from Red Nichols is one of those exceptions. Mr. Nichols is truly a legend when it comes to holster designs (please look him up). To me, the holster and belt are as important as the firearm, and I do not cut corners or compromise in this area. The more I wear this holster, the more I fall in love with it. Thanks again to Jason for pointing me in the right direction and to Red for reintroducing these great designs. ♠️🛠
Eric, P&C Custom Guns Miami FL

Please note, horsehide is an 'end of life' material that is a byproduct of recycling an expired animal.  Horses are neither raised nor slaughtered for their hides.