JRC Appendix carry AIWB CDA Medium Brown Leather Holster For S&W M&P Compact

JR Customs AIWB CDA, Appendix cross draw IWB holster / magazine carrier Set. Holster is medium  brown leather for the Smith & Wesson M&P Compact with matching single magazine carrier. Holster and magazine carrier are in excellent condition. Very well made, tuckable and new holster lead time is 16 to 20 weeks..

AIWB-CDA II IWB Cross Draw / Appendix - This unit is for revolvers, compact and full size autos. This is a slightly redesigned model.

The latest version of the AIWB-CDA has been redesigned to be much thinner than the previous model and thinner than most leather holsters available. Through the use of strategically placed reinforcements, welts and a special proprietary leather hardening process, the holster can be very thin, yet stay open when the gun is drawn. The AIWB-CDA II will revolutionize appendix carry. The layout of the holster makes for an extremely comfortable fit, that allows for a full range of motion, without the worry of printing and long term discomfort. The belt loop is offset, to make for a more streamlined holster and the front reinforcement grips the top of the belt, to keep the holster from pitching downward.

The AIWB-CDA II comes with a removable foam yaw pad on the backside of the holster and two leather spacers, for the offset belt loop. this allows you to adjust tuck of the grip. The holster is also tuckable.

This holster usually sits to either just the 12 - 2 o'clock position for appendix carry, or 11 o'clock for cross draw. This holster can come with a neutral rake, or a reverse rake, based on the grip angle of the handgun.· It is available with an adjustable height screw on belt loop. The great thing about this holster is, it is user adjustable to fit your body type. Appendix carry is very body specific and this allows you to control the fit. This mode of carry can work especially well for women.

PLEASE NOTE: This mode of carry requires considerable attention on your part. Due to the fact that the gun is pointed at your leg, care must be given to drawing and re-holstering the handgun. Be sure to train properly and seek out proper instruction when carrying in the appendix position. If you have never carried in the appendix mode, I recommend that you do some research. It takes a while to find your "sweet spot" and get all of your adjustments dialed in(sometimes a couple of weeks). If you are not willing to take the time to do this, please DO NOT order this holster.

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