Black Point Kydex OWB Holster For Sig P226 R w/ Single Magazine Carrier 226

Blackpoint Kydex OWB holster and magazine carrier SET. Holster is for the Sig Sauer P226 R and is right draw. Holster is Blackpoints Leather Wing.

The Leather WING – Light Mounted is the perfect solution for carrying a gun with mounted accessory for long periods of time by eliminating “hot spots” on the hip caused by traditional light mounted holsters. It draws from the same design components which make the Leather WING holster one of the most popular OWB holsters on the market today. The only difference is the Light Mounted holsters are built to be compatible with a wide selection of lights and lasers.

The KYDEX footprint is minimized by trimming excess KYDEX off the sides of the holster, and replacing it with leather “wings”. The belt loops of the holster are attached to these wings and the belt threads through the loops on the leather “wings”. The Leather WING – Light Mounted is great for OWB concealment due to the side mounted belt attachment points. This reduces the overall thickness of the platform and allows the gun to ride as close to the body as possible. This configuration allows for ultimate comfort, reliability, and concealment. The leather “wings” allow the holster to naturally curve with the body, giving a slimmer and more comfortable fit. This is especially beneficial when you are carrying weapon mounted accessory on your pistol. The increased size and weight of the gun/accessory combo is reduced with this KYDEX and leather construction.

Magazine carrier holds one P226 magazine.

BlackPoint Tactical manufactures both single and double magazine pouches for most magazines on the market. These all KYDEX pouches are built for hard use and retain similar design characteristics of our Standard OWB series of holsters.

Spare Magazine Pouches are molded with a total curvature throughout the pouch as opposed to just have a flat pouch with edges that are bent inward. The total curvature yields a better fit against the natural curvature of the body. The single mag pouches have fixed retention while the double mag pouches are equipped with a retention screw between the magazines which allow the user to customize their level of retention based on their preference. The pouches are built to have good coverage on the magazine while allowing the user to obtain a positive grip on the magazine while reloading. These pouches are built to last and are ideal for users who desire a rigid platform.