Red Nichols Berns Martin Project Holster For Colt .45 1911 5" Government Model


Red Nichols / Berns Martin  Fighting Shell Holster. Holster is black basketweave leather and fits a Colt .45 1911 5" Government model. This model has the open trigger guard and slot fits a belt up to 2 1/4".

This style of holster was Designed by Jack Donihoo a Dallas Texas detective in the 1960s. Jack was carrying a 1911 when most lawmen were still holding onto their wheel guns. He came up with this timeless design made by many holster companies over the decades..

I have a limited quantity of these made of cowhide unlike the normal horsehide Red normally builds this style with. They are left over from a earlier project in South Florida.  They are also the first made in reds fighting shell line. A period correct holster was requested for a vintage 1911 build. After Eric Gonzalez requested this Threepersons style holster Red snapped to it and his fighting shells were born. This is whats left of the first 20 to come out of his shop. A bit of holster history. When these are gone thats it.

Holsters are NEW in packaging..